Patient Testimonials

Dave Rhodes

La Jolla, CA

As a very healthy and active 58-year-old, I never expected my back and spine to prohibit me from enjoying life at its fullest until spinal stenosis and a weary L3-L4 set in. In a few short months I went from rigorous activity of all kinds to months of debilitating leg and back pain, sleepless night, and an inability to do basic things like climb stairs or walk to work. Then I met Dr Ghosh and his amazing team……

The Human Body is complicated. Medical procedures should be researched, and alternatives thoughtfully considered. I researched my conditions, interviewed 6 different surgeons, and consulted people who have had similar issues. I selected Sanjay and the Senta team due to their successful track record, competence, and confidence in the minimally invasive approach. There was also a clear difference from the other practices in the way the team worked together. In my many years on the receiving end of health care, I have never seen a better run operation. From diagnosis to preparation to the day of surgery to recovery to physical therapy, “Team Ghosh” works in tight formation to solve the problem at hand. It’s one of THE most well-orchestrated operations in healthcare I have ever seen.

The results don’t lie. After a major surgery, I was standing on my own in two hours. Two days later, I was walking the neighborhood with Angela. Fast forward two months later and I am better than ever. Pain free, full muscle strength, no after-effects. Most importantly enjoying all the things I used to in good health.

I am grateful to Dr Ghosh. I am grateful to the Senta Team. I am grateful to all the health care personnel in his extended team around the city that worked as one. If you have made the decision to get back surgery, there is nobody better.

Dr. Alicia Gwynn

President, Tony and Alicia Gwynn Foundation

For almost 2 years I suffered with severe back pain and, because of the horror stories I heard about back surgeries, in my mind surgery was not an option; completely out of the question. I went to many doctors, but I just didn’t feel comfortable until the last doctor told me that, if I didn’t have the problem fixed, I was going to ruin the nerves in my leg and I would not be able to walk. That prompted me to move quickly to find a surgeon that I was comfortable with.

Dr. Ghosh was recommended highly to me and I think that was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. The first time I walked into his office, the one thing that I remember clearly is his wonderful bedside manner. Then he went on to look at my MRI and x-rays and he couldn’t understand how I was still walking because all he saw was severe pain on the images. He explained it really well how he would relieve my pain and what I would have to do afterwards, which was physical therapy.

I went into surgery a week later having to have two screws and a cage put in my back. Immediately after surgery I experienced very little pain and I was home within two days. Dr. Ghosh sent me to physical therapy and his follow ups were even better because he made sure that everything was healing well and that I was free from pain.  As time went on, I began to walk each and every day and continued my physical therapy and my follow ups with Dr. Ghosh.

The greatest thing about the Dr. Ghosh is his empathy and compassion along with being a great surgeon. His professionalism speaks for itself as soon as you walk in his office. Today I am pain free both walking and running 5 miles a day and it has been more than 2 years.

Max Wilcox, DVM (Veterinarian): Herniated Discs in Spine

Maurice (Kent) LeMarie M.D. (Emergency Physician): Spinal Surgery

Ken Stern (Registered Investment Advisor): Neck and Back Surgery

Michael Halls MD, FACS (Plastic Surgeon): Back Surgery

C. Plowden Bridges M.D. (Anesthesiologist): Minimally Invasive Back Surgery

Thomas Murphy M.D. (Gynecologist): Back Surgery

Jayne Healey MD: Neck and Back Surgery

Patrick Healey (Anesthesiologist): Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spine Disease

Joe Craver: Back Surgery

Mark Packard DDS (Dentist): Tumor in Pituitary Gland

Robert Greaves, PhD: Acoustic Neuroma

Christopher Allen: Spinal Meningitis

Kevin Young’s Miraculous Story

spinal surgery patient

Dr Ghosh’s work with the SENTA Clinic and its multidisciplinary approach allows him to care for a multitude of unique individuals. Furthermore, his commitment to providing exceptional care for patients with injury or disease to the brain, skull base and spine often leads to an investment in the individual’s life and story. We wish to share one such inspiring story of Kevin Young.

Joan Embry

Wildlife Expert, and TV Personality

For the most of my life, I have trained and presented wildlife in public conservation education programs and the media. My work is often very physically demanding and I have used the Senta Clinic and Dr. Sanjay Ghosh to treat my spinal issues and keep me able to continue my work and manage my pain.

He saved my son’s life. I can’t ever repay him.

-Diane Casinelli

He is the best I could find in 40 years out there looking for the best doctors, the right doctors to do the right thing for me and my body.

-Rod Luck, former San Diego TV personality

Dr. Ghosh, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done and continue to do for our family. Paul is so blessed to have found you. You healed and treated him and he is on his way to recovery. You saved Paul’s life, there are no words or actions that will be great enough to show you our appreciation. Because of you, Paul will be able to meet our baby girl in a couple of months when she is born. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly amazing at what you do.

with gratitude, Paul, Ola + Baby Benny

Dr. Ghosh was very caring and assisted me through every step. He answered mine and my family’s questions very thoroughly. Very attentive after surgery as well. I would recommend Dr. Ghosh to anyone looking for a neuro surgeon.

-A. Phillips

Dr. Ghosh and Amanda were the best physician and PA anybody could ask for. They removed a tumor from my brain and also had to repair a CSF leak and I was told Amanda even held me until I got put under and even during the second surgery, would not let anyone in my family go anywhere else and the office staff was very helpful and treated me like I was a VIP. I think he is #1 in my book.

-Former Patient

Very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease even with the possible need for surgery.

-Former Patient

I was referred to Dr. Ghosh by my corporate physician. She had heard good things about Dr. Ghosh. I went to several other neurosurgeons. They were all excellent but I just liked Dr. Ghosh’s confidence and frank manner. My surgery was quick and the result was excellent. My recovery time was minimal. The incision, with a little more time will be minimal and not noticeable. The pain I have felt for a long time is gone. I’ve noticed that others feel that Dr. Ghosh and Amanda did not spend enough quality time with them. My time with them was brief. I don’t need alot of hugs and hand holding. I just needed them to provide me with the information I needed to make decisions, which they did to my satisfaction. They are seeing alot of patients. I don’t think it would be fair to others if Dr. Ghosh and Amanda had to spend several hours caring for my psychological needs when all they really needed to do is fix my neck. Amanda is truly capable. I had an issue late on a holiday night. I called. They transferred me to her even though she was at a social event. I explained to her my concerns. She told me what to expect and under what circumstances to come back to the office.For those who felt abandoned and that they didn’t get enough time, you might find other surgeons even more unavailable. Dr. Ghosh stated he was starting to take less patients to try and spend a little more time with each patient. I hope he doesn’t. It won’t be fair to the people who won’t benefit from his talents. A special thank you to Dr. Ghosh and his team.

-Former Patient

So far I have been taken great care of by Dr. Ghosh and his staff. Dr. G has spent quality time with me reviewing my symptoms and MRI’s etc that are a result of a day at a water park turn into one of the worst injuries I have ever had. What I appreciated the most was our efforts as a team to exhaust all options of pain management and PT before coming to the decision that no relief is in sight without surgery. I had already been referred to Dr. G’s office by other friends and patients so I’m very comfortable moving forward with Dr. Ghosh and his team.

-Former Patient

I had a very good experice with Dr. Ghosh and Amanda and all the staff at the Alvarado location; very helpful answered all my questions. Had a pretty fast recovery after my biopsy, the inscision on my neck and behind the ear was a bit bigger than I had thought it would be. But they did a great job, and fixed up a csf leak I had about 3 weeks after my first surgery. Both pretty fast recoveries. Thank you Dr. Ghosh and staff for your great service

-Former Patient

Dr. Ghosh did my husband’s discectomy and he was 100% top notch. He was very thorough, yet conservative and took all the proper pre-surgical steps (therapy, etc.) before surgery.

-Former Patient

This man saved my life. Difficult surgery, uncertain outcome, but here I am.

-Former Patient

Before I found your team I was on the brink of going on permanent disability after one failed back surgery and 4 years of hell. I will be forever grateful for what you have done for me, giving me a second chance at life. Nerve pain is a real killer and I was on so many pain pills that I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t work, and my quality of life was destroyed. Now I am back in the game of life 100% and don’t take as much as an aspirin!

-Former Patient

I had a lumbar fusion in December and was backpacking and did the Whitney trail in late July.  It was awesome and I feel good!

-Pam Kersey-McCandless

You are an amazing, brilliant doctor and I feel incredibly lucky to have had you as my surgeon.  You answered all of my questions with ease and detail, which provided me with knowledge and comfort and made me feel much more confident going into the surgery.  I find it truly amazing that you are such an incredibly talented and intelligent doctor, yet you have such a genuine humanitarian approach that is so comforting.  Thank you Dr. Ghosh for helping to make a difficult time in my life much easier.

-Former Patient

To Dr. Ghosh, Felix, Amanda and every one of your wonderful office staff, 2 years ago your miraculous talent saved my life.  I think of you all every day when I go to work – yes, I returned to work full time!

-Former brain tumor patient

Thank you for doing such a great job with the back surgery on my father.  Although cancer was detected, my dad was not in pain with the sciatic nerve.  He is now recovering from cancer and feels great!  I appreciate your care to help my dad be pain free!

 -Former patient’s daughter

Dr. Ghosh,

I just wanted to take a moment & thank you again for all you have done for my husband, Benton (Rick) Coulter.

June 26th he was brought by ambulance to Grossmont Hospital. That was the beginning of the scariest days of our lives. When we were told he needed brain surgery we were stunned, confused & not sure what to do. We asked for a second opinion by you. Within 30 minutes you were at Rick’s bedside. You were friendly, caring & confident. After examining him you told us he would need two surgeries instead of one. You even called me at home to answer our many questions.

Thank you for treating us with such respect. You were available & patient as we tried to make a decision. Once we decided you were the right Dr. we had continuous confirmations that we had chosen the right one.

We will be forever grateful to you! You saved my husband’s life and his sight. God used you in a mighty way & He answered our prayers. Thank you for all the work it took to be a Brain Surgeon & to help others like us. You are not only skilled but you are also caring. We appreciate you so much.

-Sincerely, Karen Coulter

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