Bulging Discs

The intervertebral disc is a cushion or pad that provides cushioning and support for the vertebra of the spine. Under normal circumstances, the disc itself does not impinge or put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. As the disc degenerates or if the disc is injured, the disc can prolapse and compress the spinal cord and nerves giving rise to symptoms of pain, numbness, or even weakness.
Dr. Ghosh provides his patients with a full spectrum of approaches to the management of bulging discs. Dr. Ghosh’s initial goal is to treat bulging discs with nonsurgical options including medications, physical therapy, and injections. In situations where the bulging does not heal or is causing too critical of compression on neurologic structures, Dr. Ghosh is able to provide a full spectrum of surgical solutions. These include anterior, lateral, and posterior approaches to the spine.
As Dr. Ghosh is not limited to any one single surgical procedure, he is able to tailor the surgical procedure to the needs of the individual patient. Further descriptions of the surgical approaches can be seen in the video section.