Post Operative Patient Guidelines
During this surgery the surgeon will access the spine by going through the back and gently moving the muscles out of the way. The surgeon will then use a microscope to adequately visualize the spinal structures. After surgery the patient should adhere to the information below to ensure proper healing:

Post-Op Activities/Limitations:

  • No driving for one wee unless cleared by M.D.
  • No heavy lifting greater than 10 pounds.
  • Minimize bending over
  • No soaking in a pool of water, showering is ok.
  • No running
  • Do plenty of walking and light activity
  • Avoid straining

Immediately notify MD or PA if:

  • Temperature greater than 101.0°F
  • Fever of any kind with headache or stiff neck.
  • Clear fluid or urine colored fluid draining from incision site.
  • Increasing or spreading redness and/or yellow/white discharge from incision site.
  • Increasing pain
  • Increasing numbness
  • Increasing muscle weakness
  • It is normal to feel tired, and require more rest than usual for the first six weeks after surgery. However, doing as much walking as you can handle will help with the healing process and get you to return to your normal life faster.

Call with any questions or concerns (619) 810-1010

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