Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dr. Ghosh possesses substantial training and experience in the management of trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition that results in severe, disabling, lancing or electric shock-type pain in a portion of the face. Classic trigeminal neuralgia is generally managed with medication as the first line of defense and patients that do not have success with medication can then be treated with surgical or radiosurgical options. Dr. Ghosh is trained and certified in both the surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia and the radiosurgical management of trigeminal neuralgia. The surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia involves microsurgical approach to the brainstem and the trigeminal nerve and decompression of any offending artery that may be compressing and irritating the trigeminal nerve giving rise to the condition of trigeminal neuralgia. Dr. Ghosh uses microsurgical technique and endoscope-assisted technique for the surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia. In addition, radiosurgery using the Gamma Knife system or robotic radiosurgery using the CyberKnife are also effective modalities in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Both open surgery and radiation have their benefits and their limitations and because Dr. Ghosh is facile with both of these treatment modalities he can present his patients a balanced view and is able to tailor the treatment to best serve the need of the patients.
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