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Many of us experience those unexpected moments that profoundly affect the way that we see the world and its unsung heroes.

As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Ghosh has witnessed numerous accounts where members of the military and law enforcement accept substantial risk and sacrifice to protect our communities. Two experiences made a lasting impression:

Officer Steven Gajda

Los Angeles Police Department

Officer Steven Gajda Los Angeles Police Department On New Year’s Eve 1998, Officer Gajda responded to a call where gang members were shooting guns in the air to celebrate. One of the gang members fled the scene, and as the officer was in pursuit, the gang member shot him in the head. Upon medically evaluating Gajda, Dr. Ghosh had to deliver the grave news to the officer’s wife that the bullet transected his brainstem.

Dr. Warren Lockette

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
for Clinical & Program Policy

During The Gulf War, Dr. Ghosh had the opportunity to assist Dr. Lockette in a study to help understand how to prevent troops from becoming dehydrated in their chemical warfare suits while exposed to the heat of the Iraqi desert. Dr. Ghosh worked directly with members of the Armed Services and developed great admiration for the intelligence, athleticism and discipline of the people that serve our country.

Dr. Ghosh created the SENTA Clinic Division of Neurological Surgery Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Program in an effort to help make medical services accessible and more affordable to the men and women that serve and protect us.

Any military or law enforcement professional suffering from back or neurological issues can apply for benefits by simply filling out the online application. Applications will be reviewed monthly by the SENTA Clinic Division of Neurological Surgery Board, and will be approved based on review of the medical condition and individual’s service.

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